The insurance agency

Yossi Ambulance operates an insurance agency that represents a special collective route for ambulance and medical companies from abroad. During the years of its activity, the company substantially improved the work interfaces with the insurance companies in Israel, who were not at all familiar with the private ambulance sector, or held negative prejudices about those involved in the field.

As part of the company’s vision to provide the best services, we strived to provide a service that changed the professional perceptions of the insurance companies, and the price level offered by us is tens of percent cheaper compared to the prices offered by the competitors.

ניידת טיפול נמרץ יוסי אמבולנס

Ambulance Company operates approximately 130 ambulances and intensive care vehicles throughout the country

Nationwide deployment

The point that is important to understand is that in Israel there are many companies that operate similar services, but on a significantly reduced scale, of operating one to ten ambulances, including private ambulances, ambulances of hospitals, factories, the Ministry of Defense, kibbutzim, and more.

The private ambulances provide routine service as well as emergency medical services, with quick solutions that provide customers with the most comfortable and professional treatments. At Yossi Ambulance, we operate and maintain all types of ambulances:

אמובלנס יוסי אמבולנס

A normal ambulance for transporting patients in situations that are not defined as severe.

ניידת טיפול נמרץ

An ambulance called the "security", intended for transportation in case of emergency.

ניידת טיפול נמרץ

Intensive care vehicles designed to treat serious incidents after an injury from driving a motorcycle or off-road vehicle, with a quick response and providing first aid until the ambulances arrive.

נהג יוסי אמבולנס

The characteristics of the conduct from contacting the hotline until arriving at the hospital

Handling the ambulance order begins with a referral to the call center and the call center’s initial conversation with the service requester. The instructions of the telephone representative are important, and they are combined with the care provided by the medical team during the ambulance ride, until arrival at the hospital.

This conduct requires professional knowledge and skill in making correct decisions concerning the nature of the treatment and the correct methods of conduct, but similar to any other medical treatment approach, and despite the high level of professionalism and extensive experience of the teams, mistakes may occur. Pay attention to the solutions we offer.

Solutions for the field of professional liability insurance

Similar to other fields of medicine, the companies that provide essential services or emergency medical services and life-saving services are exposed to professional negligence or medical malpractice claims, and this is a sensitive issue that has gained momentum in recent years, therefore as part of our comprehensive set of solutions, we also specialize in the professional liability insurance industry.

With the rich experience we have gained during the 38 years of the company’s activity as the largest private ambulance company in Israel, we have the necessary knowledge to build a comprehensive, reliable and affordable insurance.

So only a comprehensive insurance policy will allow your company to cover possible future claims

The demands of the insurance companies, motivated by the need to pay claims, led us to build layers of security and greatly improve the customer experience when using our ambulance services.

During our years of working with the insurance companies on the issues of ambulances, medical teams and professional liability insurance, we have built efficient and goal-oriented work interfaces with the insurance companies, and thanks to these interfaces and the comprehensive insurance we created with the insurance companies, a situation has arisen where we hardly needed to activate the insurance policies.

After 38 years of experience in the field, we can confidently state that we have "seen it all", and today we are ready for every possible scenario in the field of ambulance insurance. Our insurance agency knows how to adjust the insurances for the ambulance companies, for each type of ambulance and rescue vehicle, and for each type of activity.

יוסי אמבולנס רכבי שטח והצלה

Interested in an insurance agency?

We will do everything so that you get a suitable insurance cover.

מוקד יוסי אמבולנס

Ambulance insurance agency: frequently asked questions and answers

The adaptation of the perfect solution for customers, as a private ambulance company that is well versed in the field, is carried out based on many years of experience, and we share our knowledge and experience in order to adapt the most suitable policies of the comprehensive insurances.

Rescue vehicles and ambulances move around the area during all hours of the day. The wear and tear of the vehicles and the accumulation of breakdowns on the roads, are situations that require the adaptation of a unique insurance for ambulances, and compared to the other insurance companies, we offer the best price, with the most comprehensive coverage.

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