Burial solutions

Jewish burial solutions and burial of non-Jews – The company runs and maintains cemetery in the kibbutz Kfar Masaryk to the north of Haifa (15 minutes from Haifa and Nahariya), as well as provides burial services throughout the country. First of all the company is concerned with the dignity of the deceased and the need to bury him in the dignified and appropriate place and about support of the relatives who deal with the case of death. They certainly do not remember or know how to act after one’s death, whom they can turn to and what to do. Our company has the department for evacuation and taking care of the deceased (Link to the page about taking care of the deceased).

Our company specializes in providing burial services and funeral arrangements and supporting the family of the deceased by professionals who have been providing service and assistance in the moments of bereavement, so that the family of the deceased and the person who handles the burial will not be alone with their grief. Our company is official and legal institution so by turning to our company one can avoid unnecessary costs

Providing burial services requires compliance with all procedures and traditions in light of details and nuances of the requested ceremony and each case requires different approach – therefore it is recommended to contact our office for receiving information and efficient service in order to pay last respects to the deceased in the most correct way and as he would like and/or as is customary.

  After one’s death – the representative of our company comes to the grieving family if necessary.

  Care and quick assistance in order to store the deceased in the cold chamber.

  Transfer of the deceased in the luxury or standard coffin as per the request.

  Supply of burial plots as per the request of the bereaved family if necessary (keeping and purchasing burial plots while alive, may they live long).

  Handling the paperwork (burial license).

  Ordering of obituary notices in the printing office within 24 hours.

  Publication of obituary notices in newspapers.

  Organization and arrangement of transportation of the comforting persons to the cemetery and back to the mourners’ house.

  Special flower arrangement made by us.

  Calling for the cantor according to the family’s religious stream.