Care of the deceased

Care of the deceased service

In difficult moments we are at your disposal, from the moment of death the company’s call center is available to you 24 hours a day, all year round to order an ambulance to transfer the deceased to a cold room, keep the deceased in a cold room, handle paperwork and arrange a burial license, produce obituaries, publish ads in newspapers, perform purification, transfer the patient home Cemetery for burial.

Our goal is to provide you with a professional, courteous and humane service, all this with the aim of freeing up your time to deal with your grief and not deal with the care of the deceased.

Burial services throughout the country

The company operates and maintains a cemetery in the village of Masarik, north of Haifa (15 minutes from Haifa and its canals) and also provides burial services throughout the country, where the company’s main concern is the dignity of the deceased and his need to reach a respectable and appropriate burial place, and this alongside the need to help and assist the relatives who care for the death case they certainly do not remember Or know how to behave in the event of a death, who to turn to and what to do, our company operates a department for evacuation and treatment of the deceased.

The specialty of our company is to provide funeral services and funeral arrangements and to accompany the family of the deceased through professionals who have been engaged for years in providing service and assistance in the moments of bereavement, with the aim that the family of the deceased and the person handling the burial issue will not find themselves alone with their grief, our company is an organized and supervised body and by contacting our company he can avoid costs unnecessary

In providing burial services, compliance with all procedures and customs is required in light of the details and nuances of that ceremony and each case is requested on a case-by-case basis - for this purpose, it is recommended to contact our offices for information and efficient service in order to pay last respects to the deceased in the most correct way, as he would have liked and/or as is customary.

What does the service include?

At the moment of death - a representative of our company arrived at the home of the bereaved family if necessary.

Quick care and assistance in order to store the deceased with dignity in a cold room

Transferring the honor of the deceased in a fine or standard coffin according to the request

Delivery of grave estates according to the bereaved family's request

Arrangement of paperwork (burial license)

Order obituaries at a 24-hour printing house

Publication of obituary notices in newspapers

A special flower arrangement by us

Ordering a cantor according to the family denomination

Interested in funeral services or care for the deceased?

We will do everything so that this period passes professionally and safely.

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Caring for the deceased: frequently asked questions and answers

We are ready to serve the family members, starting from the stage of notifying the service hotline about the death event, up to the transportation of the deceased and handling of the funeral ceremony, according to the need, at any destination that is requested. For information on flying the deceased abroad.

Yossi Ambulance Company provides ambulance services that include intensive care mobility; medical tourism services; transportation services for dialysis patients and people suffering from mobility disabilities; services for flying deceased from abroad; care of the deceased; and a variety of emergency medical services.

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