Dear Sir/Madam,

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am obliged to bring to your attention (as an institution / private entity that buys the patients and deceased patients transfer services in ambulances) and tell you about the type of the service provided by our office. My name is Yossi Sperber, since 1978 I have been engaged in providing patients transfer services in ambulances. I gained the work experience while founding the Magen David Adom (Red Star of David) station in Krayot, having to take responsibility and meet serious demands and expectations. Strict and uncompromisingly vital type of the service provided by my office consists of several parameters and clear lines that might be even rigid.

We run service sectors from Haifa to Hadera, from south Kiryat Shmona in the north to Central region (Gush Dan etc.) and the Southern region. Among our big clients are the Ministry of Health, municipalities, local councils, the Ministry of Defense, welfare services, private and state hospitals, health maintenance organizations, emergency call companies, medical tourism clinics as well as private clients. Unfortunately, I know that market conditions and stigmas created the situation that quite confused me in the past. Moreover, the absence of law created loopholes that are unacceptable to the type of the service. For example, so called ambulance drivers, who used to be truck drivers or holders of any commercial vehicle license became ambulance drivers without any minimal training. It is economically cheaper indeed, but not for the level and quality of the service that I provide.

The drivers in our office are IDF combat paramedics and emergency medical technicians who successfully completed the MDA course; qualified drivers for driving ambulances, which made their work perfect, and the dispatchers who understand the terms and concepts of the service on the highest level. The office is run and equipped with a wireless connection to the vehicles that I own, which prevents misunderstandings and provide clear response

The vehicles (ambulances and mobile intensive care ambulances) comply with binding standard (Ministry of Health and Ministry of Transport) and our vehicle fleet exclusively includes Mercedes, Volkswagen and Chevrolet vehicles – perhaps their maintenance is more expensive but they certainly provide a solution for our type of the service. Their maintenance is done only in the licensed repair shops and it guarantees maximum roadworthiness. All vehicles are equipped with satellite navigation system that transmits the status of the vehicle and the geographic location on map 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our company runs the mobile intensive care units under strict standards and daily supervision which are performed by trained and extensive personnel: physician, paramedic (sometimes two paramedics), emergency medical technician and ambulance driver. The modern mobile units are equipped with the best leading medical technologies in the world in order to provide life saving services and fast, high quality and accurate emergency care. I am open for check of the quality of service and professional efficiency and contact the service recipients everyday. It is also worth comparing the level of prices that we offer with the offers, level of performance and the type of service of the other ambulance companies.

יוסי שפרבר ז"ל

I intend to gain the professional trust and official recognition which can be obtained by the sale of ambulance services to your institution and you – private clients. I will keep working till the private ambulances law will be enacted in Israel for the benefit of society.

We will be glad to be of service to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Yossi Sperber


(Originally written by Yossi Sperber in 2000. Yossi Sperber 1955-2008, founder of the company)