Elective Transportation

Elective Transportation

The management of Yossi Ambulance knows the distress experienced by people who suffer from mobility disabilities, especially those who live on high floors in buildings that do not have an elevator. Our skilled professional teams have the comprehensive knowledge in providing the appropriate service that helps in safe arrival to the company car or a private car, with the use of special chairs.

The teams provide ambulance services that are intended to transport the disabled and people who suffer from mobility disabilities. The vehicles are equipped with special elevators that can be used to seat the patient on the wheelchair in the vehicle, and secure it with anchors and special devices that fix the wheelchair and protect the patient during the trip.

Special transfers of patients to hospitals and medical institutions are carried out daily

The patient transfer service is performed by professionals and medical supervision experts who strictly monitor the patient’s condition during the trip, and we are proud to be the company chosen exclusively by “Clalit Health Services” – the oldest and largest medical firm in Israel, to provide patient transfer services.

The service is available in all the company’s branches and is suitable for a variety of medical needs, including transfers between branches or between different entities of “Clalit Health Services”, or for the transfer of patients to hospitals or external entities.

The family members are also forced to stay longer in the hospital in order to make sure that the patient does not suffer from loneliness and to support him physically and emotionally, but with the new technologies for remote medicine, it is now possible to provide a full medical envelope, at least in some cases.

The advantages of choosing special transfer services

The company provides high-level professional services to patients who need a comfortable and safe transportation experience, which provides a stress-free ride in one of our state-of-the-art ambulances, which are well adapted to different health conditions.

Our ambulance service is also ideal for people who are not mobile or need additional support when traveling to medical appointments, such as access to oxygen, supervision by trained medical staff, or a wheelchair ramp.

Accompaniment by a professional and friendly team

Using our ambulance service means that you or your family members will be accompanied by our experienced and friendly staff, who will support you every step of the way during the trip.

We are proud to employ a compassionate, caring, skilled and well-qualified team in supporting patients with various needs, who provide courteous and respectful service.

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Transfer in a modern and well-equipped ambulance

Another significant advantage of our ambulance service is that each of our vehicles is adapted to the specific requirements of the patients, so that they receive a service that is adapted to their medical needs, in a comfortable and stress-free ride.

Is it possible to coordinate a regular patient transfer service in advance?

It is possible to coordinate in advance a service of an elective (planned) transfer, and the professional team from Yossi Ambulance Company will be ready and available with all the necessary equipment.

Some final conclusions

Special transfers service offered by Yossi Ambulance saves resources and precious time and is intended for emergency medical services. So if you need special or elective transfer services to support your medical needs, you can order the service of a modern and well-equipped ambulance, with a skilled and professional medical team.

We are available at your service around the clock so that you can receive advanced solutions for all your medical needs, and arrive to receive the treatments comfortably, safely, and with strict professional support.

Interested in a transfer service?

We will do everything to make the transfer easy, pleasant and safe.


Elective transfers: frequently asked questions and answers

Special transfers service is suitable for the following cases:

  • Elderly people confined to wheelchairs.
  • IDF disabled people who are treated in the Ministry of Defense’s rehabilitation department.
  • Dialysis patients.
  • Patients who suffer from mobility impairments.

Our ambulance services are designed to transport the disabled and people who have difficulty moving. The service is carried out using vehicles equipped with special elevators, the purpose of which is to lift the patient onto the wheelchair and transfer him comfortably to the vehicle, while ensuring his safety through special anchors and devices that allow the wheelchair and the patient to be fixed and secured during the trip.

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