Emergency medical services

Emergency medical services

Emergency medical services

The field of emergency medicine deals with providing medical assistance to people who need this service, in situations that occur in field conditions and not in the hospital. The medical professionals who specialize in this branch are first aiders, medics, and paramedics. Medics and paramedics have the highest authority among the three professionals who provide first aid.

Due to the nature of providing first aid in field conditions, creative thinking skills are required alongside the development of tools that enable the delivery of medical aid without the tools available in hospitals, such as ultrasound devices, laboratory tests, or any other advanced medical equipment.

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First aid in high casualty events

The most important field that the emergency medicine branch in Israel is dealing with today is the situation of multi-casualty incidents, in which comprehensive knowledge is required to provide first aid in difficult cases, in order to achieve results of stabilizing the condition of the victims, in field conditions.


Victims also have an important role in receiving the necessary assistance

Upon the occurrence of an emergency, it is necessary to make immediate contact with professionals in the field of emergency medicine, because the early arrival of first aid personnel increases the chances of the victim to survive a life-threatening emergency, and establishing immediate contact with the center is essential for the efficient conduct of the emergency medicine team.

Professionals trained in first aid provide the required assistance quickly, and in many cases the effective professional conduct leads to saving a life, or determines the difference between full recovery and permanent disability. Therefore, with every occurrence of a medical emergency, the role of the victims includes:

  • Acknowledging that an emergency exists.
  • The decision to take action.
  • Contacting a hotline to call for the necessary help.
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The role of the ambulance when providing first aid

The ambulance is defined as an emergency vehicle equipped with emergency equipment in order to provide first aid to the patient or casualty to stabilize his condition, on the way to the hospital, and is equipped with medical equipment designed to provide the required assistance in three main areas: the respiratory system, the circulatory system and the heart system.

The professional team in the ambulance is skilled in providing respiratory assistance and treating cardiac emergencies, such as CPR, dressing, immobilization, fluid infusion and taking first measures such as blood pressure, EKG, saturation, pulse check or any other medical emergency. The staff is also skilled in providing first aid for maternity, with strict adherence to proper professional conduct until arrival at the hospital.

The ambulance team includes an ambulance driver, a paramedic or a medic who serve as the team leaders, and together with them three other medics or volunteers arrive at the scene of the incident

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Emergency medicine in Israel

The emergency medicine system in Israel is one of the most developed and best in the world.

There are several organizations involved in providing first aid such as Magen David Adom, Betram, Ihud Hatzla and more.

There are also emergency medical systems that belong to the army and various rescue units.

Unlike the United States and Europe where the emergency medical center operates under one telephone number, in Israel the subject of emergency medicine is divided into three main hotlines: 100 for the police, 101 for Magan David Adom and 102 for the fire brigade.

The separation between them stems from the need to make it easier for the focal points and allow maximum response to each event accordingly.

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Emergency medical services: frequently asked questions and answers

First aid is the assistance provided to the victim within a very short period of time, close to the time of the incident, because in many cases the required assistance can save a life.

Therefore, ambulance services and emergency center services are required to operate in a system of conduct characterized by high levels of efficiency and professional conduct, so that first aid can be provided in the field, as quickly as possible.

This condition is defined as a condition in which there is a clear threat to one of the three systems of the triangle of life: the brain, the heart, and the lungs, that is, the nervous system, the hemodynamic system, and the respiratory system.

In cases where damage occurs to one of these systems, following the worsening of an existing illness, or after a one-time event, first aid is required that is provided quickly and professionally.

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