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Ambulance Services


Yossi Ambulance company (Y.S.) Ltd was established in the ‘80s by Yossi (Yosef) Sperber (1955-2008) of blessed memory and since then has been providing ambulance services, mobile IC ambulances and burial and bereavement services to private and institutional clients.

The company has a fleet of ambulances and mobile IC ambulances of over 15 ambulances and mobile IC ambulances. The company employs medical and paramedical personnel – physicians, paramedics, senior medical technicians, medical technicians, ambulance drivers and certified first responders.

Ambulance division is maintained by the department whose duty is to keep the ambulances in the good condition and make sure every day that the ambulances are well maintained and can provide the most comfortable, professional and human work environment to the patients and medical staff that escorts the transfers by ambulances.

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רפואה דחופה


The company runs the call center 24 hours a day that knows where every ambulance or mobile IC ambulance is at any moment. In addition, the call center staff has extensive experience in organizing regular and emergency services as required at any moment.