Hospice service

Hospice service

Yossi Ambulance company has adopted the method of providing hospice services at home which are provided in addition to intensive care mobile services in our company consisting of mobile teams including a doctor and a driver or a doctor and a paramedic as well as nurses and medical service providers and paramedics depending on the needs. The team is composed to give the appropriate answer according to the decision of the attending physician, or the health insurance fund, or according to the patient’s medical condition

The home hospitalization solution exists for the purpose of:

Following on from our company’s intensive care mobility services, which consist of, among other things, a doctor, a paramedic, an emergency medicine medic, in fact, the service has been developed for transit using mobile teams consisting of a doctor and a driver or a doctor and a paramedic, as well as nurses and medical service providers and paramedics in order to provide the appropriate response as required to According to the decision of the attending physician or the health insurance fund or according to the patient’s medical condition.

Who is the service suitable for?

Patients who prefer to stay at home during hospitalization

Patients with chronic diseases

Patients who require regular treatment that requires medical/surgical intervention

Patients with diseases for which medicine does not offer a curative treatment

A patient who is defined as terminally ill cannot move except with escort, supervision and an ambulance team. In many cases of transferring patients who were defined as having incurable diseases, to the emergency room at the hospital, they were released to their homes after a short treatment. ​

And here is the point that is important to internalize:

The institutional health systems are committed to prolonging the lives of patients, even though the quality of life and the dignity of the patient as an independent person are compromised. The institutional systems have no other treatment option other than prolonging the patient’s life.

It is clear that ending life with dignity at home, in a familiar and warm environment, next to family members and loved ones, is much better than dying in the hospital or nursing home, but such a decision must be made when the patient’s condition is defined as cognitive with independent options for making these decisions.

Closeup of caring nurse comforting senior patient in old age hom

The load in the hospitals does not allow giving personal attention to every patient, certainly not beyond what is required

Until not long ago, it was impossible to provide a terminally ill patient with the supportive medical environment at home, but today the situation is different.

The issue of hospital admission distress is a global challenge that medical teams face in all hospitals. Overcrowding and overload are increasing as life expectancy increases, and the medical teams face increasing pressure in the inpatient wards.

As a result, the patients cannot receive the full attention of the medical staff, which has led to a situation where the field of home hospitalization has become a critical issue in the health systems.

The family members are also forced to stay longer in the hospital in order to make sure that the patient does not suffer from loneliness and to support him physically and emotionally, but with the new technologies for remote medicine, it is now possible to provide a full medical envelope, at least in some cases.

The solution we found for these cases is the establishment of a hospice service system

The service allows patients to decide to move to a home hospice setting, instead of continuing to receive medical treatment in the hospital, which is based on actions to prolong their lives, at the same time as affecting their ability to communicate with their environment, or suffering from pain.

We provide the most up-to-date technologies that enable continuous monitoring of the patients’ health status, along with monitoring the changes in medical indicators. The medical teams, which include nurses, medics, doctors and an array of ambulances and intensive care vehicles spread throughout the country, enable a quick response to any problem that arises In the hospital to make sure that the patient does not suffer from loneliness and to support him physically and emotionally, but with the new technologies for remote medicine, today it is possible to provide Full medical coverage, at least in some cases.

Interested in hospitalization service from home?

We will do everything to make the hospitalization period easy, pleasant and safe.


Hospice service: frequently asked questions and answers

Definitely. The patient and his family members can contact the service representatives of the Yossi Ambulance company, and our medical teams, and in cooperation with the center’s doctors, we can check and adjust the appropriate framework for keeping the patient at home.

The company’s emergency center regularly handles emergency launches of intensive care vehicles that arrive at the hospital quickly. The team in the intensive care unit includes a doctor and a paramedic.

The company serves as a franchisee of the health funds for the evacuation of complex patients, dialysis and oncology patients to the hospital. We have all the necessary equipment and technologies to carry out transfers of patients who are defined with complex medical conditions, to the medical institutions throughout the country.

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