Hospice service

Hospice and hospitalization services

In recent years, health services have found that through professional and mobile medical personnel, as well as advanced technologies, medical services can be provided at home without the physical presence of the patient in the inpatient hospital (excluding visits according to need).
This solution exists with the aim:
פעימות לב

Make it easier for the patient and his family


Save the patient a meeting with other patients and actually exposure to other diseases

לוח משימות רופאים

More essential and more personal

פעימות לב

Relief from symptoms


Pain relief through regular treatment

Yossi Ambulance Medical Services Ltd. adopted the method and later to the mobile intensive care services in our company, which are composed, inter alia, by a physician, a paramedic, a medic, emergency medicine, in fact developed the service for the passage using mobile teams composed of parts from a doctor and driver or doctor and paramedic, And medical and savage medical services in order to provide the appropriate response as required by the decision of the treating physician or the health fund or according to the patient’s medical condition.

Patients with chronic diseases and those who require regular treatment requiring medical or surgical intervention in accordance with the requirements or in general for any patient in need of permanent or permanent treatment, and is in a position not to be hospitalized on a regular or one-time basis, provided that this Conforms to the medical requirements according to his medical condition.

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