Intensive care ambulatory services

Intensive care ambulatory services

Yossi Ambulance company owns the largest fleet of ambulances and intensive care vehicles in the country. The vehicles maintain regular contact with the control center, through which the teams can be managed and sent to any point in the country. The vehicles are equipped with all the equipment and solutions intended for emergency situations

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A complex nursing patient is a person whose unique health condition requires special treatment, in addition to the need for full help in performing basic operations or those which require additional help in the normal nursing methods. These are patients who have been determined by a doctor to require supervision and medical treatment in complex nursing hospitalization wards. The complex patient is ventilated and requires care and supervision by a team with high professional skills as a result of nursing care burden and an unstable medical condition.

A comprehensive and advanced set of services

Over the years, we have also developed the service for additional services that are available by mobile teams consisting of a doctor and a driver, or a doctor and a paramedic, as well as nurses and medical service providers and paramedics in order to provide the appropriate and comprehensive solutions that comply with the instructions of the attending physician or the medical professionals at the health fund to which the patient is a member , depending on his health condition.


Paramedic services

A paramedic is a specialist professional who has extensive training in performing clinical and administrative work procedures in the emergency medicine professions.

The medic works mainly as part of first aid services and is skilled in rapid response to emergency situations in the fields of medicine, traumatic injuries and accident scenes. A professional medic has appropriate training and is a graduate who has successfully completed the medic course of the Yossi Ambulance Company, the IDF or the MDA.

Our courses provide the skill and comprehensive skills even to people who have no prior knowledge of first aid. This is an integrated course with a scope ranging from 200-230 study hours, and most of the course sets are dedicated to learning resuscitation techniques, treatment of trauma situations, proper conduct in medical emergencies and a variety of other theoretical and practical topics that make up a complete knowledge of emergency medicine.
Approval of recognition as an institution that provides professional training services is given only to hospitals, health funds and academic institutions recognized by the Council for Higher Education. The emergency medicine medic and the ambulance driver play an important role in the urgent care chain, and his in-depth knowledge in the field, along with the professional skills he has acquired, may significantly affect the patient’s chances of recovery.

The field of study is intended for people who practice emergency medicine but are not doctors

Emergency medicine studies, training of paramedics and ambulance drivers, are fields that belong to the complementary medicine studies category. The paramedical professions are defined as professions that are characterized by a theoretical and scientific basis, which are related to personal medical treatment of a person, but whose practitioner is not a doctor.

Why choose Yossi Ambulance?

מוניטור אייקון

The most advanced and expensive equipment in the world - dedicated ventilators and monitors for emergency evacuation mobility

העברות באמבולנס

State-of-the-art vehicles that are maintained daily

רופא אייקון

Refreshed medical and paramedical teams

תיקון אייקון

Upgrading the mobility structure and modular options built by the company while drawing lessons and conclusions from mobile to mobile

משלט אייקון

From the LTTE that controls mobility and knows at any given moment about their situation in all aspects required for maximum operational management

Need an intensive care ambulance?

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ניידת טיפול נמרץ יוסי אמבולנס

emergency care mobility: frequently asked questions and answers

Intensive care mobility services are required in situations where people suddenly become ill, have difficulty breathing, and their condition is defined as severe and requires intensive care and close monitoring, or in situations of injury or after an accident.

The speed with which the ambulance arrives at the scene of the incident is the significant advantage of ordering an intensive care vehicle, along with the professional and personal attitude, the broad service offered that includes high-level elective emergency medicine services, with empathetic and courteous customer service.

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