Manufacturer factory for building ambulances

Manufacturer factory for building ambulances

Yossi Ambulance Company is skilled in building ambulances and intensive care vehicles. With the most advanced knowledge in the world, which is based on the company’s 38 years of activity, we have the excellent reputation of being the most experienced company in Israel in the field of emergency medical services.

We lead the field of emergency medicine in Israel, and our experts have the comprehensive knowledge in building ambulances that are based on the latest and most advanced technology. The construction and upgrading of the ambulance system is carried out by importing kits that aim to make the best use of the ambulance’s space and capabilities.

Building ambulances in the company's own production

Our professionals build the ambulances in the company’s service center, and in addition to the ambulance kits, we manufacture the parts required to operate them, such as cabinets that are manufactured in Israel and adapted to the ambulance area.

In Israel there are very few companies that manufacture ambulances or intensive care vehicles for their own purposes. At Yossi Ambulance, you can get a service of adapting private vehicles to accessible vehicles for use by people who suffer from disabilities.
We operate under a special license that we received from the Ministry of Transportation, which enables the construction and approval of a prototype vehicle, which is individually adapted to individual needs.

Operating a garage on the company's premises

The company operates a garage that specializes in customizing service packages for the purposes of building ambulances for companies and organizations. The production process is characterized by precision execution and a short response time, along with specialization in three sought-after brands: Mercedes Sprinter, which is imported by Calmobile; Volkswagen Crafter, imported by Champion; and Chevy Savannah, imported by the UMI company.

As part of the proposed set of services, we provide the authorization of the authorized factory, the manufacturer’s warranty, filling out the treatment book in accordance with the law, and any service that is required and performed at the authorized garage, including a towing service and collecting the vehicle to bring it to the specific garage, if necessary.

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Continuing the vision of the founder

As the successors to the vision of the founder, Yossi Shperber, we are proud to lead the company and continue to justify the excellent reputation that has been accumulated over five decades of activity in the field of emergency medicine. Our success as a company that manufactures customized ambulances is based on many years of hard work, and the dedication of the loyal employees, Our suppliers and customers.

Our professional teams have the skill to face the challenges we face, and are committed to a professional approach to safety and innovation in the field of building the best customized ambulances in the industry, and we are excited for what is expected of us and the generations that will continue our activities, even in the next forty years.

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Ambulance manufacturer factory: frequently asked questions and answers

The sale of an ambulance includes a variety of options that are adapted to the needs of customers, including the purchase of an ambulance equipped with all the necessary accessories and medical devices, so that it can be used and adapted to the procedures of the Ministry of Health.

The ambulances contain treatment kits, medical equipment to stabilize the patients, trauma treatment kits, a medicine bag, an EKG monitor. With a defibrillator, a dedicated lift facility for wheelchairs to enable easy and safe transportation of patients, and all the medical devices and equipment required to stabilize patients and save their lives.

The ambulances are built on the premises of Yossi Ambulance Company, the largest and most specialized ambulance company in Israel. The construction of the ambulances on the company’s premises allows the ambulance to be modeled according to the needs of the customers, in a modular construction, including efficient and fast repair services in case of breakdowns.

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