Medical transportation
for tourists

Tourists who need medical services in Israel

Long-Distance journey

In cases where patients need to travel long distances, especially across different countries, medical transportation services can provide a safe and reliable option that takes into account their medical condition and needs.

Non-Emergency Transport

Not all medical transport situations are emergencies. Non-emergency medical transportation helps patients get to and from routine medical appointments, treatments, or therapies

Emergency Situations

In emergencies where patients need to be transferred quickly to a specialized medical facility, medical transportation services can facilitate timely transport while ensuring the patient's stability and comfort.

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Transportation from and to the airport, hotel, or home. In case of need there is also a possibility to do screening and vaccination, medical examination, treatment of infectious diseases and general medicine, monitoring nutritional status, following up on a daily basis, taking blood specimens including sending them for analysis, and more. 

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Yossi Ambulance company offers extensive medical services that includes medical transport, emergency button, online doctor, doctor at home and a variety of other services.

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