Mobile IC ambulances

Mobile Intensive Care Ambulances

Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance – very advanced emergency ambulance that is run by a team bigger than one of a standard ambulance. The team includes physician, paramedic, emergency medical technician / ambulance driver. Mobile IC Ambulance’s purpose is to provide advanced and lifesaving medical treatment for patients whose transfer requires advanced technological medical equipment and large and skilled medical staff.

Transfer of patients under close medical care, complex patients or patients who require close medical care, cardiological patients, ventilated patients, unconscious patients, complex patients that one or more of their body systems are not functioning properly and external system support is needed to maintain stability.

רופא חירום בפעולה
מעלית של אמבולנס

Mobile IC Ambulance works 24 hours a day and provides emergency and regular services.

Emergency service – immediate sending of Mobile IC Ambulance for transporting the patient whose medical condition unexpectedly deteriorated and he needs to get to the emergency room as soon as possible.

Regular service – transfer of the ventilated and/or unstable patient for medical testing and medical treatment. Transfer from point A to point B in the safest and most appropriate way depending on the condition of the patient.

In all cases of calling for Mobile IC Ambulance it is recommended to prepare beforehand some details, such as patient’s address, the patient’s age, medical history, allergies to medicines, medical condition and the current condition of the patient in case of emergency so we can evaluate situation and get to the patient with maximum of the required equipment.

The standard of Mobile IC Ambulance as of today is the most stringent among the ambulance types in the world in order to be able to provide an immediate and best response for saving lives.

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