Emergency button service

Yossi Ambulance Medical Services

What does the subscription include?

Emergency button

A quick and convenient connection to our medical, emergency and assistance center that is active around the clock.

A doctor or nurse visit at home

A doctor or nurse will come to your home depending on the case, to provide basic tests, referral to the emergency room.

Visit or evacuation with the team

The intensive care vehicle team with advanced detection equipment and extended detection capability due to additional technologies at their disposal. The team will come to your home for an answer or evacuation and transportation to the hospital.

Laboratory tests at home

Laboratory tests including corona, antigen or PCR tests.

How does the emergency button work?

In the event of an emergency or distress, you can press the distress call button on the device, or the distress button closest to you, on a wristwatch that is light and comfortable to carry - and the emergency center will be there for you.

Press the distress call button >

התחברת למוקד בהצלחה!

התחברת למוקד בהצלחה!

Emergency button - why us and not others?

Our core services are provided through company employees and not contractors

The emergency buttons - equipment imported by the company and with our direct support

A real operational command and control center available around the clock

The doctors - doctors who work for the company

Ambulances - of the company and not an external service provider!

Intensive care mobility - of the company and not an external service provider!

Dedicated customer service department

Providing service for over 35 years

Skilled and professional staff

available to you at any time.

Join the subscription. Take care of your loved ones.
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