Private Ambulance

Our company was established in the mid-80’s by Yossi (Yosef) Sperber of blessed memory to provide private ambulance services and to provide more high quality, more personal, faster and cheaper solution for families who need ambulance services.

Since then, the company has grown and now owns over 15 ambulances and mobile intensive care ambulances and it serves the best public and private institutions in the country who use emergency or regular ambulance services, private and state hospitals, Rambam Medical Center, Carmel Medical Center, Rothschild (Bnai Zion) Medical Center, Tirat Carmel Hospital, rehabilitation hospitals, Fliman Hospital, Elisha Hospital, Assuta Medical Center, homes for the elderly from smallest to largest, government offices, the Ministry of Defence (registered supplier), Ministry of Health, Office of the Prime Minister, embassies, emergency call centers, educational institutions, Chabad houses, Chevrot Kadisha (Jewish Burial Societies), municipalities, Kibbutzim (Israeli collective communities), local councils, tourists and medical tourism clinics, private clients, etc.

רופא חירום בפעולה
מעלית של אמבולנס

The purpose of private ambulance is to provide emergency or regular service. If you look for the ideal and convenient solution for transferring your loved ones who need special transportation, under medical observation, Yossi Ambulance (Y.S.) Ltd will provide you the service.

The company was founded in the 80’s and since then has served tens of thousands of patients at all required levels of service. Experience is the best teacher! Our company has all the necessary experience to give you the best, most courteous and most professional service at comfortable and affordable prices.

We offer the following services:

Ambulance Department and mobile intensive care ambulances:

  Emergency / non emergency evacuation of patients to emergency departments.

  Transportation of dialysis patients to the treatments and back.

  Transportation of patients to clinics and to checkups in hospitals or HMOs.

  Transfer of patients between houses in buildings without elevator by taking the patients up and/or down.

  Transportation of disabled patients in ambulances with wheelchair lift.

  Evacuation of patients in mobile intensive care ambulances to emergency departments under the supervision of a physician, paramedic and medical technician.

  Physician checkup at the home / referral and treatment.

  Transportation of disabled persons and persons with impaired mobility.

  Providing ambulances and medical support at the events.

  Transportation of the deceased.

Department of evacuation and taking care of deceased and the support of family of the deceased:

רפואת חירום

Pronouncement of death by the physician in case of need.

לוח שנה

Transfer of the deceased to the company / public or another cold chamber.

טיפת בריאות

Storage of deceased in the cold chamber.

בריאות הלב

Purchasing the cemetery plot if it was not purchased beforehand.

לוח משימות רופאים

Printing and distribution of obituary notices around the country, in newspapers and media.

Transportation to the cemetery.

Transportation of the deceased abroad and to Israel according to the Public Health Ordinance and International Aviation Regulations.

Our company mostly serves the elderly people who require careful attitude, sensitivity and patience. Over the years we have learned how to deal with the people in order to provide the most sensitive and humane service.

Please read and learn the rights of reimbursement for ambulance and mobile intensive care ambulances. It is important to know them! Sometimes one can get 100% reimbursement and sometimes 50% reimbursement, if at all. It is recommended to read and talk about it with HMOs.