service of flying deceased person

The service of flying deceased persons from Israel abroad and back

During the 38 years of the company’s activity, we have handled countless cases of intercontinental flights. The service includes handling everything related to preparation for flying, and obtaining the full regulatory approvals, including arranging flights between countries.

The company operates a special department that is operated by knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the field. The department’s staff handles the process of flying the deceased from anywhere abroad, until they are brought to Israel for burial, including managing relationships with funeral homes around the world.

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Professional conduct throughout the process

The company operates hotline services that are available around the clock, with representatives who provide courteous and professional service, in several languages, so that you can receive clear answers to your questions, at every step of the process.

The special team that specializes in managing the processes of flying the deceased has the professional skill to manage extensive relationships with the various airlines around the world as well as with representatives of foreign embassies, in any destination in the world, which allows us to fly the deceased to burial in an efficient manner without delays, with the aim of preventing further grief for the family members.

The Yossi Ambulance company operates under the approval of the Ministry of Health, and the service complies with the laws of the various countries and international flight regulations

Why choose Yossi Ambulance?

Yossi Ambulance Company was founded in 1985 and enshrines the values of professional and quality service, and over the years we have gained rich experience in the field of emergency medicine and in the field of community services.

Our main goal in the deceased flying service is to allow you to leave for mourning, instead of dealing with the bureaucracy that characterizes the process.

מטוס של יוסי אמבולנס

The service of flying deceased persons from Israel abroad and back includes the complete and comprehensive handling of the process, including filling out forms, communicating with embassy representatives, and obtaining all the necessary paperwork, and handling other aspects that include:

Transferring the deceased from abroad to any place in Israel

Transferring the deceased to a cooling room until the time he is brought for burial

Placing the deceased in a suitable coffin according to an international standard

Contacting the embassy to obtain the required permits

Handling the required paperwork and documents

Buying plane tickets for family members accompanying the coffin on the same flight

Booking a flight to a desired destination, including moving the coffin to the airport

Ordering a bill of lading for the transfer of the deceased

Payment of fees and taxes

Preparation of certificates at the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Health, to obtain permission to enter Israel or another country

Embalming the body - injection of a preservative into the body of the deceased, in accordance with the reburial law

Washing and dressing - the clothes are provided by the family or bought by us, including ordering a security officer to check the clothes

Interested in the deceased flying service?

We will do everything to make the flight easy and safe.

אמבולנס יוסי

Flying the deceased from Israel abroad and back: frequently asked questions and answers

The professional team makes contact with the Israeli embassy in the country where the death occurred, to coordinate the flight of the body to Israel, including handling the preparation of the required certificates and documents, and the payment of taxes and bills of lading. The goal is to finish the process within 48 hours, in order to bring the deceased for burial in Israel without delay.

The service of flying the deceased from Israel to abroad includes the transfer of the deceased to a destination abroad, making the burial arrangements, filling out the forms, close medical accompaniment, and preparing the official documents.

The service of flying deceased persons from abroad to Israel is a little more complex, and includes dealing with the religious and constitutional restrictions that apply to deceased persons who are flown to Israel, along with handling the regulation of the process in another country, in communication that takes place by telephone or electronic correspondence.

The team in charge of the process of treating the deceased and flying him from Israel abroad or from abroad to Israel is a dedicated team that is skilled and knowledgeable in the process, speaks several languages, and is experienced in managing relations with representatives of airlines and embassies around the world.

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