Services for medical tourism

Patients/tourists who come to Israel for the medical treatments mainly reach companies that invite them and take care of them via the Internet or by recommendations, but they really do not know who they deal with. For the first time from the moment of landing they meet the medical/paramedical staff (ambulance staff) that welcomes them on the plane or at the airport and from that moment the first impression is set. They need to feel themselves in good hands and get the feeling that they chose the right office and the right company that will take care of them! This is what we are for!

רופא חירום בפעולה
מעלית של אמבולנס

Our company has a fleet of modern, well maintained and dignified ambulances in order to welcome the tourists in a dignified and appropriate way for the ocassion. Professional and dignified staff that speaks different languages and dressed according to the world medical dress code using modern and clean ambulances gives the patient the feeling that he is in good hands and chose the right people to serve him.

Fast passport control in the company’s ambulance in coordination with the airport and airline steward.

Transportation of the patient to the hotel/medical institution where he will be registered and will start medical tests and treatment.

Meeting the patient in the airport. Patients who need close medical care or with impaired mobility will meet the staff on the plane. The staff will bring them down from the plane to the ground in a special “elevator” and convey them to the company’s ambulance.

We have modern and clean ambulances as well as advanced mobile IC ambulances with physician and paramedic.

Transfer in the ambulance or V.I.P vehicle with installed wheelchair lift under medical care or on ambulance bed with medical staff as needed: physician/paramedic/medical technician/nurse - trip to the holy places and main sights in Israel. It is possible to invite a tour guide.

Transfer of the patient in the ambulance or mobile IC ambulance between the medical institutions.

Physician or paramedic visit to the hotel where the patient stays in case of need.

Transfer of patient to the airport by the ambulance at the end of treatment and boarding.