Substitutes for hospitalization in the community

Community hospitalization substitutes

Yossi Ambulance Company provides its patient population with technological means that allow changing hospitalization settings. Thus, for example, the service enables treatment with advanced monitoring measures, which are used by medical teams in public and private hospitals.

The advanced devices we use are available as part of the Briyout system, which allows for the monitoring of various indicators that are required to be checked at regular intervals depending on the patient’s condition.

The advanced devices and equipment are available to our patients at affordable prices, and they also receive the personal service of a center that is active around the clock and provides monitoring services with computerized access, with the most advanced systems.

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Why is it better to be hospitalized at home?

The establishment of this type of hospitalization substitutes creates a significant change in the health services available in Israel, at the same time as results equal to the treatment results available in hospitals, with fewer complications and lower costs.

improving the chances of recovery

Research and professional tests prove that the home hospitalization approach provides medical and psychological advantages, in the prevention of infections, an improved sense of security for the patient and the creation of relaxed treatment conditions, which improve the chances of recovery.
Additional benefits of home hospitalization are: reducing and preventing the need for repeated hospitalizations, reducing and preventing the risk of falls and fractures, maintaining the patient's improved quality of life, and creating a supportive recovery environment at home.

Availability of service vehicles and professional staff

The paramedical teams that surround the patients as part of the home hospitalization include doctors, nurses, paramedics, medics, specialist doctors, a national mobility fleet and intensive care services. The professional team on behalf of the Briyout company, advanced medicine at home, provides monitoring treatments, follow-up and supervision of any change in the patient's indicators, from the medical-technological information center. If necessary, and depending on the findings, the team engages the services of a nurse, paramedic or doctor.

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Characteristics of home hospitalization

A doctor at the hospital or family doctor identifies the patient’s health condition and determines if he needs hospital treatment, or if he can receive the inpatient service at home. The criteria are determined according to the need for the intensive services available in hospitals or for comprehensive care available by many medical specialists.

In the home hospitalization substitute, the patient’s suitability is determined according to health conditions that are treated according to defined treatment protocols, such as heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pneumonia in the elderly, or any other health condition determined by the doctor to be stable enough to receive the home hospitalization treatment .

Are you interested in a substitute hospitalization service in the community?

We will do everything so that the hospitalization passes easily, pleasantly and professionally.


Substitutes for hospitalization in the community: frequently asked questions and answers

Home hospitalization programs, such as those offered by the Briyout company, are intended for patients who need medical treatment in a hospital but are able to stay at home with the care of their loved ones or with the supervision and care of a professional therapist.

Recent studies in the field prove that the home treatment frameworks, when it takes place in a hospital model, yield better results. Thus, for example, patients are more active than they are when they are hospitalized.

They also tend to experience less confusion and distress associated with hospitalization, and there is the potential for lower rates of hospital readmissions. From data obtained from patient experience surveys, it is possible to see very high rates of satisfaction with this model.

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