Taking care of the deceased

We are at your service at the difficult moments. From the moment of death the company call center is available 24 hours a day all year round for ordering the ambulance to transfer the deceased to the cold chamber, storage of the deceased in the cold chamber, handling the paperwork and issuing the burial license, producing obituary notices, distribution and posting of the notices at the required addresses, publication of notices in newspapers, ablution, transfer of the deceased to the cemetery for burial.

רופא חירום בפעולה
מעלית של אמבולנס

After the death of the person, the family of the deceased should mourn and not take care of the deceased transfer, procedure and bureaucracy related to it. In addition the family of the deceased and the person who handles the burial should not be alone with their grief and get the full assistance and answers to all questions. Our company is official and legal institution so by turning to our company one can avoid unnecessary costs.

We offer the following services:

  Physician for pronouncement of death.

  Transportation of the deceased to the cold chamber.

  Storage of the deceased in the cold chamber.

  Handling the paperwork and issuing the burial license in the Ministry of Health.

  Transfer of the deceased to a cemetery anywhere in the country or anywhere in the world

  Production and printing of obituary notices.

  Distribution and posting of the obituary notices at the required addresses.

  Publication of obituary notices in newspapers.

  Coordination of the burial with the Chevra Kadisha (Jewish Burial Society).

  Wreath of flowers for funeral.

  Standard or luxury coffin as per request.


  Cleaning and dressing of the deceased as per family’s request.

  Burial and cemetery plot solution (Link to the page of burial solutions…)