Training Department

Training Department

Yossi Ambulance company operates a certified training division that employs medics, paramedics and doctors who have extensive experience in the field of emergency medicine, with a special specialization in the field of medic training and first aid delivery, with the recognition of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transportation.

In addition to regular training of our staff, we also accept MDA graduates or IDF graduates who are employed in parallel positions for the company’s services.

מוקד יוסי אמבולנס

Who is the training course for?

The ambulance driver course is the most advanced course, and you can join it even without prior knowledge in the field. These are the professionals who choose to study our training course:

Employees employed in emergency teams

travel companions

Security guards and medics employed in military settings

Course characteristics

The training and training for the students of the course is carried out by our company, and the course structure provides comprehensive knowledge in the field, from basic level training, training of medics in emergency medicine, training of ambulance drivers, up to certification as a paramedic.

The importance of proficiency in the role of the paramedic

Paramedics are professionals who are defined as first responders and they need the knowledge required to perform their role at the highest level. Among other things, the course teaches them how to conduct themselves in cases where people are in a serious and sudden health condition, in cases of injury or in cases of the need to be transported to a hospital or other medical center, so that thanks to the training, they know how to function as part of the medical team that first arrives on the scene.

There is almost no profession more satisfying than the skills to save human life

The urgent cases in which paramedic services are required are diverse, and part of the knowledge acquired in our training program, includes situations in which people have difficulty breathing, are injured after car accidents or any other medical condition that is defined as an emergency.

In many cases, human life may be in danger, and an immediate response by professionals is needed to save them. In most cases, paramedics arrive by ambulance, but the service also includes evacuating patients and keeping them stable in helicopters, planes or fire trucks.

The knowledge and skill in saving human life is one of the most satisfying and rewarding professions, and we are proud to be the company that trains the expert professionals in the field.

Career advancement options

Upon completion of the training in the training department of Yossi Ambulance Company, the graduates of the course can choose to advance in their careers or move to a new career in the healthcare field, equipped with a set of medical and human skills that are required for professional advancement in almost any direction in the healthcare field.

Today we start the training in the training department of Yossi Ambulance

The need for the services of professionals in the field of emergency medicine is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, so if you are ready to begin your journey to an exciting, sought-after and fulfilling career, you should enroll in our training program, at the end of which you will receive the most advanced level certification available in Israel today.

פרמדיקים עם מיטה

Training course for medics and paramedics: frequently asked questions and answers

Any person, from the age of 15 or older, can register for the training course for medics and paramedics, unless the admission conditions for the course state otherwise, as in the ambulance driver course.

Paramedics, medics and doctors who provide emergency medical services should have appropriate medical training, along with human skills, such as the ability to work under pressure and make quick decisions. The tasks are demanding in the physical and mental aspects, therefore mental and physical resilience is required.

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