Transfer of dialysis patients

Transfer of dialysis patients

Dialysis is a life-saving medical treatment for people who suffer from kidney disease. The dialysis patient transfer service, from Yossi Ambulance Medical Services, is available to dialysis patients who need an ambulance transportation service that is available 24/7, in order to get to receive the treatments.

The service includes the transfer of patients from their home to the department in the hospital where the treatment is performed, and back, and is based on the patients’ eligibility to receive funding for transportation services, in accordance with section 28 of the first part of the second supplement to the State Health Insurance Law.

Eligibility for an ambulance service for dialysis patients

The state health insurance law states that a dialysis patient will be approved for travel by ambulance if one or more of the following conditions are met: the dialysis treatment takes place in an ambulance, and in this case the responsibility for financing the service rests with the health insurance fund of which the patient is a member.
Entitlement to the transportation service for the dialysis treatment and its completion also exists in the event that the patient is unable to get out of his bed, or he can only receive the service in a lying position, or when his illness requires close supervision.

The service is provided 24 hours a day, all year round

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Transfer service for dialysis patients from their home to the hospital and back

Many dialysis patients live in old buildings that do not have an elevator, so they have difficulty leaving their homes. Many patients are also disabled, and our service is available to them in order to ease the feeling of disconnection and the difficulties they experience when they have to go to the hospital to receive the treatments and return home.

The solution we offer them is the service of professionals on our behalf, who take them to receive the treatment, using caterpillar chairs, which are suitable for dialysis patients and ventilated patients, and help them overcome the difficulties of moving up the stairs.

ניידת נטן

The service is provided by trained staff members

The management of Yossi Ambulance company adheres to a comprehensive and complete set of solutions, and in accordance with these principles, the service of transferring dialysis patients is also carried out by a professional and skilled team that has undergone in-depth training in the field.

Our skilled staff members are part of the comprehensive solutions we offer to patients, and they perform their duties out of a genuine willingness to help patients, support them in transferring them to the caterpillar chair, and provide a perfect service of transfer to the hospital and from there back to their home.

The patients receive the support of the staff in using the special chair, which is installed in every ambulance as part of the equipment, and consists of an operating mechanism for raising or lowering the patient from the ambulance.

Choosing Yossi Ambulance is the right choice. pay attention:

We offer comprehensive, professional and advanced ambulance services, which include:

מוניטור אייקון

Use of the most advanced and expensive equipment in the world - dedicated ventilators and monitors for emergency evacuation mobility.

העברות באמבולנס

State-of-the-art vehicles that are maintained daily.

רופא אייקון

Medical and paramedical teams that undergo regular periodic training.

תיקון אייקון

Upgrading the mobility structure and modular options built by the company, while drawing lessons and conclusions.

משלט אייקון

From the LTTE that controls the mobility movement with real-time monitoring of their condition, in terms of the set of aspects required for maximum operational management.

Interested in a transfer service?

We will do everything to make the transfer easy, pleasant and safe.

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Transferring dialysis patients: frequently asked questions and answers

Dialysis patients have a comprehensive set of rights that include, among other things, the obligation to inform patients of their exact medical condition; the possibility of choosing the treatment that suits them and is their favorite; presentation of test findings; and fully informed about complex scenario situations.

Dialysis patients are eligible to receive funding for transportation services to the place where the treatment takes place, especially for patients who are unable to get out of their bed, or who can only get to the place of treatment lying down, and for patients who need close supervision during the transportation to and from the place of treatment.

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