Transportation impaired mobility

Transportation of persons with impaired mobility

Our company knows the plight of the ambulatory disabled persons who reside on a high floor in the buildings without the elevator. Going downstairs is complicated and difficult without the elevator.

We will provide you the service to get to the company car or your private vehicle safely using special chairs designed especially for it, with the help of our experienced team.

Vehicles and ambulances in our company are designed to transport disabled persons and persons with impaired mobility. Special wheelchair lifts are installed in vehicles in order to lift the patient on a wheelchair to the vehicle as well as anchors and specialized devices that were designed to hold the wheelchair with sitting person in it during the trip.

רופא לטיפול נמרץ

The service is provided to the persons with impaired mobility and the elderly who are confined to wheelchairs and want to travel anywhere for any purpose. The service is available 24 hours a day all year round.