Air transportation of the deceased 

Air transportation of the deceased abroad and to Israel

Our company has been around since the 80’s and has already handled dozens of cases of air transportation of the deceased between continents. Air transportation of the deceased is definitely a sensitive topic that requires extensive knowledge and experience. The seniority and the active minds with experience and contacts formed over the years allowed us, Yossi Ambulance (Y.S.) Ltd., to have the required tools for handling your case.

Our company has close contacts with funeral homes around the world as well as with representative offices and embassies of Israel scattered around the world. From the moment of death and the decision to transport the deceased abroad or to Israel it is necessary to contact our office immediately in order not to delay the process and finish it soon. It is recommended to start and complete the process of air transportation within 48 hours of death. Although not required, it can certainly shorten the process.

הטסת נפטרים לחול

  Transportation of the body anywhere in the country.

  Storage of the body in the cold chamber during the process.

  Embalming of the body – injection of preservative into the body of the deceased (embalming) in accordance with the Reburial Law.

  Double coffin according to the international standard.

  Contacting the Embassy for receiving the necessary approvals.

  Handling documents and required paperwork.

  Buying tickets for escorting persons to the same flight which will carry the coffin.

  Preparation of relevant documents at the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Health for receiving the entry permit to the country of destination.

  Payment of fees and taxes.

  Booking a flight to the required destination, including transfer of the coffin to the airport.

  Ablution – Dressing – the clothes are provided by the family or bought by us. Calling for the security officer to examine the clothing

  Ordering the bill of lading for transfer of the deceased.

  Transfer of the deceased – from the place of death to the hospital or Institute of Forensic Medicine, to the company cold chamber for storage. Transportation to the embassy for sealing the coffin and its transportation to the airport for the flight.

  24-hour call center (situation room) with representatives who speak different languages in order to give clear answers to the families of the deceased at any stage.

Our goal is to provide you with professional, polite and humane service so you can have the free time to mourn and not to take care of the deceased.